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Child development  and Education 



The Deaf child to development learns Eritrean sign language parent assistant for the child. The sign language used by the deaf community in the Eritrean is called Eritrean Sign language (ESL). We have to make sure manual sign language more teacher you language development.

The deaf children bilingual education and will more services provided to students, families, and community members include.

Bilingual-bicultural deaf education program use sign as the native or first language of deaf children. We will be supporting to child with parent. The parent must learn more sign; Teachers have signed support book fingerspell 

A-Z, We would like to information sign language book.


What are you learning family with children?


When you are trying to explain new thing, you take note of it more closely, because signing requires you to describe the details. We would like to you come to visit houses and child deaf and support to with child learning words and sign also his father and mother want to learn sign for the child


Do can be your father and mother must support with child play and sign alphabetical words listing and speaks candid child more grow up. If you want any problem help for sort again more child and parent and don’t understand sign word me and can again anytime.



We will be make book and poster for learn sign language word home and school class same learn more teacher to children the classroom.

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